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Poor location decisions too common, but avoidable

Sep 25, 2016

Too often organizations fail to fully understand the new labor market they’ll be competing in. Dennis McAndrew discusses how site selection consultants like Silverlode can help companies avoid making hasty relocation decisions and make thoughtful decisions based on comprehensive stakeholder input.

Silverlode helps Cleveland Heights finalize selection of development partner

Sep 13, 2016

After several months of screening, interviews presentations, and due diligence, Cleveland Heights has narrowed the field to two finalists and intends to negotiate a developer agreement with the selected partner before the end of the year.

Steve Weitzner moderates panel at Great States Investment Summit 2016

Sep 11, 2016

How to avoid giving incentives to companies that offshore jobs

Aug 28, 2016

Indiana is facing criticism for giving incentives to companies which have then sent jobs overseas. Steve Weitzner weighs in on how other states have avoided this pitfall by requiring a statewide job creation or retention target.

Silverlode moderates panel on corporate location decision making at Trust Belt 2016

Aug 09, 2016