Cleveland Clinic

Doctors speaking to each other in a hospital, looking over a file folder.

Cleveland Clinic is one of the largest health systems in the U.S., with over 68,000 employees and 8.7 million annual outpatient visits. Silverlode has provided numerous economic impact studies to Cleveland Clinic over the past 15 years. The health system uses the findings from Silverlode's analyses to communicate its tremendous economic and fiscal impacts with the community, government entities, and other stakeholders.

Silverlode provides comprehensive analyses to assess the impacts of Cleveland Clinic at the local, regional, and state levels in Ohio, Florida, and Nevada. The impact of Cleveland Clinic’s operations and construction activities on employment, state local and federal taxes, and other critical aspects of the economy and community are estimated. Extensive GIS mapping of jobs, patients, and telemedicine visits are incorporated within the reports. Visitor spending and capital spending are also analyzed for the regional economy. Cleveland Clinic publishes summaries of our state level reports on their website.