Silverlode helps inner-ring suburb win $200 Thousand for demolitions

May 25, 2018

We spend most of our time helping companies make location decisions.

But sometimes the places where our private sector clients decide to relocate or build ask us to bring more investment to their communities. Frankly, we love the occasional change of perspective and the chance to help communities grow.

The first time this happened was when one of our industrial clients relocated to the Village of Cuyahoga Heights, an inner-ring suburb of Cleveland. The Village asked us to consult on future economic and community development projects.

Fourteen years later, that consulting relationship has grown into full representation of their interests and we have helped the Village to attract numerous companies and secure millions of dollars in financing.

We just won a $200 thousand grant from Cuyahoga County to demolish several residential and industrial properties in the Village. The funds will be leveraged to combat blight, support local businesses, and improve recreational opportunities.

Another win for our client and for our backyards.