Silverlode announces partnership with Thomas & Company

Aug 29, 2023

Silverlode Consulting and Thomas & Company are excited to announce their location based incentives partnership. This collaboration allows Thomas & Company to continue to offer best-in-class location based and negotiated tax services with likeminded partner Silverlode as an extra service above and beyond the WOTC services offered.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Silverlode Consulting, a GBX Group Company, has been providing clients with location based and negotiated tax services for over 20 years. Silverlode Consulting is known for helping clients identify statutory and discretionary programs based on location, as well as assisting with the navigation of the complex landscape of economic incentive and public financing programs. They work with a wide range of clients across all industries, varying in size from commercial middle market to Fortune 100 as well as local, regional, and state government and economic development organizations.

For nearly 30 years, Thomas & Company has been known for providing industry leading unemployment cost management, verifications, and tax credit solutions driven by a team of experts who pride themselves on their quality of work and relationships built on a foundation of trust. They are fiercely committed to becoming smarter, more efficient and delivering more to their clients by being better today than they were yesterday. These commitments echo their core purpose of enabling success for their people and their clients.

For more information about the partnership and the services offered by Thomas & Company and Silverlode Consulting, please visit