How to avoid giving incentives to companies that offshore jobs

Aug 28, 2016

Indiana is facing criticism for giving incentives to companies which have then sent jobs overseas. Steve Weitzner weighs in on how other states have avoided this pitfall by requiring a statewide job creation or retention target.

The value of fixed fees and taking control of lead generation

Jul 01, 2016

Steve Weitzner led a panel of site consultants at the World Forum for FDI in San Diego. Business and community leaders got a crash course in the key issues dominating the site selection consulting profession, including compensation and winning projects.

Wellington mulls economic development plan

Apr 29, 2016

“Wellington has to get on the radar of more of those new, competitive site-location projects where you have a company that’s looking for a location. … It has to become a place that people are familiar with.”

Steve Weitzner, president, Silverlode Consulting

Cleveland Heights seeks partner for major development project

Apr 25, 2016

Cleveland Heights is looking for help developing a prime piece of real estate that has sat dormant for decades. Silverlode has assisted the eastern suburb with the development of a request for qualifications and preliminary development proposals for the “Top of the Hill.” The four-acre site...

Unchanging Truths in Site Selection

Jan 15, 2016

Site Selection surveyed consultants to better understand the perceptions that guide their advice to clients.While the importance of business climate is certainly no surprise, opinions about what constitutes a good business climate were more interesting.