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Global Building Materials Manufacturer

Silverlode helped a global manufacturer with a host of projects ranging from site selection to feasibility assessments.

Global Building Materials Manufacturer


A privately-owned, global manufacturer of industry-leading residential and commercial building products had several needs which included site selection, incentives, market analysis and other consulting projects. The client engaged Silverlode to help with a variety of projects related to the company's growth in the United States.


Headquarters Expansions

The manufacturing client's headquarters were located in an aging manufacturing area. The building was landlocked, being surrounded on all sides by contaminated and abandoned facilities. The rapidly growing company, which was an economic development anchor for the neighborhood and employed a significant amount of residents, was committed to retaining its location and improving the community.

Silverlode assembled $4 million in state, county and city incentives to acquire an adjacent property, demolish the collapsing portions of the building, and remediate the contamination. A few years later, Silverlode repeated the success by assembling $1 million in state, county, and city incentives to purchase and remediate another adjacent property to further expand the headquarters.

Advanced Energy Product Integration

The client was seeking financial assistance to facilitate the launch a new suite of solar roofing products. Silverlode helped the company to identify and secure a $1 million Ohio Third Frontier Advanced Energy Cluster Development program grant for the development and integration of the new products. We also connected the company to a university partner to further develop the Company’s expertise on building integrated photo-voltaic (BIPV) roofing solutions.

Distribution and Manufacturing Opportunity Evaluation

The company manufactured most of its products in Northeast Ohio and shipped them directly to end users throughout the country. To reduce distribution costs, Silverlode developed financial pro-formas for a range of options including contracting with a third party logistics company and purchasing a west coast manufacturing and distribution facility. The analysis considered facility costs, labor costs, taxes, logistics and supply chain costs, and other relevant factors which ultimately helped the client to make their decision.

Silverlode continues to help them find and assess new opportunities.