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Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance

A newly formed region in eastern-central Michigan hired Silverlode to elevate their brand and attract companies.

Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance


The Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance (GLBRA) is an eight-county region in eastern-central Michigan which was designated by the State and is in the process of branding itself and working together to attract investment. The GLBRA engaged Silverlode to develop a three-year regional business attraction strategy.


Silverlode conducted extensive data collection and analysis including a deep dive on existing studies and protocols and relationships within the economic development ecosystem, a location factor assessment to understand the competitiveness of the region from a site selection perspective, a target industry analysis, identification of target markets and companies, and a workforce gap analysis.

Silverlode created a marketing tool kit with talking points and industry fact sheets for company meeting, design tips, and other attraction recommendations. We created a detailed action plan with 20 categories containing over 90 specific recommendations and detailed sub-steps with success metrics, timing, and budget details.