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East Central Indiana Regional Partnership (ECI)

Silverlode conducted a target industry analysis and provided content and marketing recommendations for a region in Indiana.

East Central Indiana Regional Partnership (ECI)


The East Central Indiana Regional Partnership (ECI) wanted to proactively attract companies to its region and needed to understand the region’s strengths, appropriate targets, and effective marketing techniques. ECI engaged Silverlode to provide information to develop marketing collateral for their ten-county area.


Silverlode reviewed existing studies, initiatives, and economic development websites and conducted interviews with regional economic development leaders to understand the current conditions in the region. We then conducted an in-depth analysis of location factors and a target industry analysis. Silverlode identified target geographic markets, based on location costs and other factors, which were appropriate places for ECI to target companies for attraction. Finally, Silverlode provided ECI with content and design recommendations for industry specific fact sheets. The recommendations included location strengths of ECI and comparative facts on manufacturing-related costs in targeted cities.

ECI has incorporated our recommendations into their marketing efforts and is currently scheduling a multi-city tour and company visits in the recommended industries and geographies.