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Silverlode's economic and fiscal impact assessment enabled Nemours to effectively communicate its tremendous impact to community partners and government entities.


Nemours cares for 250,000 children from around the world at its hospitals and clinics located in the eastern U.S. Silverlode completed a comprehensive economic impact analysis to assess the direct and indirect benefits of Nemours' health organization at the national, state, and regional levels. Silverlode also analyzed Nemours’ impact on employment, taxes, public infrastructure and transportation, health and human services, and other critical parts of the economy and community. The study included analysis of the impact of the organization’s visitors and capital spending projects on the economy.

Nemours' executive team used Silverlode's study to concisely and effectively communicate the impact of the children's health organization as part of their community benefit reporting, for discussions with government entities about development and operations, and for funding requests and donor relations.