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Ross & Pickaway Counties CIC

Silverlode helped to reorganize regional organizations into more successful instruments for economic development.

Ross & Pickaway Counties CIC


Ross and Pickaway Counties in central Ohio are located immediately south of Columbus, the state capitol. The economic growth of the Columbus area was expected to continue south into Pickaway County and then Ross County, creating development opportunities and challenges. To prepare for this growth, The Pickaway County CIC and the Ross County CIC engaged Silverlode to conduct a target industry study and strategic marketing plan to be implemented over the next several years.


Silverlode presented the CICs with a comprehensive examination of the region’s current economic and demographic environment, an assessment of the Counties' strengths and weaknesses from a location analysis perspective, and recommendations on industries to be targeted. Our study equipped the CIC development officials with a strategic plan to target key competitive industries and actionable recommendations for improving the competitiveness of the region.

Silverlode also developed a marketing strategy and identified initiatives and recommendations to address any significant weaknesses and to enhance existing economic development efforts. Many of our key strategy recommendations have been successfully implemented by the CIC and are advancing the economic development efforts of the region. Some of the implemented initiatives include:

  • Creating new agencies and employing an economic developer to lead the agencies and utilize Silverlode's report to guide initial efforts
  • Successfully attracting businesses in the logistics, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing industries
  • Supporting regional, master planning
  • Strengthening the identity of the community and promoting its stated strengths
  • Capitalizing on unique public and recreational events