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Ashland CIC - Economic Development Services

Silverlode conducted a feasibility analysis for a proposed transloading station in Ohio.

Ashland CIC


Economic Development Services


The Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) had obtained a state grant and devoted substantial resources to demolish, remediate, and assume ownership of a 7.8 acre site in Ashland, Ohio. The Ashland Railway approached the CIC about converting the site, which had rail access, into a transloading station. CIC hired Silverlode to conduct an in-depth feasibility analysis to determine whether a sufficient level of market demand existed to support a transloading station and whether transloading was a suitable use for this site.


Silverlode conducted interviews with local stakeholders and potential facility users to better understand the perceptions and demand related to the development of a transloading station. We identified resident businesses, as well as potential target businesses and industries that would benefit from a transloading station. We also evaluated market demand and conducted rail vs. truck cost analyses and transloading facility benchmarking. Finally, Silverlode built a customized economic impact model for the Ashland region to compare a transloading facility to potential alternative uses. We concluded that there was a transload opportunity for the site and introduced CIC officials with several transload developers and operators.