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Federal and State Tax Credits

Maximize the potential of tax credits and economic incentives

Federal and State Tax Credits are statutory economic benefits available to companies making capital investments, hiring or training employees, or making other qualifying investments in eligible geographies. Learn more by clicking on the publication below.

Silverlode’s Federal and State Tax Credit team has worked together for over a decade to secure hiring credits, investment credits, and other location based credits and incentives for businesses. Our team uses industry-leading, proprietary technology and techniques to analyze company and employee data to identify federal and state incentives and credits. Silverlode’s tax credit services are fully integrated with our negotiated incentives services. While Silverlode’s Federal and State Tax Credit clients typically have several thousand employees, we also secure credits and incentives for smaller businesses which are expanding, relocating, or hiring.

Common location based federal tax incentives include Federal Empowerment Zone (FEZ) Tax Credits, the Federal Indian Employment Credit Program, and Federal Disaster Zone Employee Retention Credits. Learn more about federal tax incentives.

Common location based state tax incentives include State-based Job Tax Credits, State-based Investment Tax Credits, State-based Enterprise Zone Programs, and State-based Inventory Tax Credits. Learn more about state tax incentives.

Silverlode tailors our fees to reflect company needs. The most common ar­rangement is a percentage of savings fee (contingency fee), by which fees are incurred after incentives are realized. Silverlode can perform a no-cost, high-level assessment of potentially available incentive programs using a list of your company locations. Contact Julie Dietz to get started.