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Economic Incentives

Whether your company is expanding, consolidating, relocating, hiring or making capital investments, having an effective incentives strategy and process in place is essential to ensuring that your organization takes full advantage of cost saving opportunities.

Statutory and negotiated incentives can be complicated, but when managed well these incentives offer significant opportunities to improve the bottom line. Our unique approach to negotiated and location based economic and tax incentives has resulted in our clients securing over $1 billion of economic and tax incentives value. Silverlode orchestrates the incentives process from identification of opportunities through acquisition and compliance.

Remarkably, 60% of companies don't claim the full value of incentives awarded (100% of those companies are not Silverlode clients.) Our unique life cycle approach ensures that your company will not only secure valuable state and local tax credits and financial incentive opportunities, but also ultimately realize their full value.

Most companies don’t capitalize fully on financial incentive opportunities. That's your incentive to contact us.