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Our economic and fiscal impact studies let our clients effectively communicate their impacts to their stakeholders.

Economic Impact Analysis

Economic impact analysis is the process of measuring the jobs, earnings, and taxes an organization or project creates and supports in the economies where it operates. For over 20 years, we have developed customized and approachable impact reports. Our analyses are grounded in raw data which is carefully curated with our clients and expertly customized in IMPLAN models.

Our studies have helped hundreds of clients to positively shift public opinion, gain approval from government entities, and secure financing and incentives. We present complex economic impacts in an accessible context for diverse audiences including investors, government agencies, patients, and communities.

Silverlode has deep expertise identifying and measuring the impacts associated with complex health systems. These are two examples of our clients publishing summaries of our most recent reports on their respective websites:

Cleveland Clinic

University Hospitals Health System

Silverlode has also provided economic modeling services for hundreds of clients including major transportation projects, craft brewers, corporate expansions, art groups, and other entities. These are examples of how other clients use our reports:


Lancaster Festival

Ohio Craft Brewers Association