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Time Sensitive Federal Incentives Programs

Time Sensitive Federal Incentives Programs

Sep 01, 2020 by Maureen Hourihan

The deadline for filing 2019 federal taxes is fast approaching. Businesses that have qualified locations and employees may take advantage of the following federal tax credit programs:

  • Federal Empowerment Zone (FEZ) employment credit – Credit of up to $3,000 per eligible employee who lives and works in a zone.
  • Indian Employment Credit (IEC) – Credit of up to $4,000 for hiring eligible Native Americans. Eligible employees must work on a federally recognized Indian Reservation or former Indian Reservation in Oklahoma.
  • Disaster Retention Credits - Credit of up to $2,400 per employee for retaining and paying employees whose impacted location was in one of the 2018/2019 federally declared disaster areas.

These credits may also be applied retroactively. To review your locations and assess eligibility, please contact your Silverlode incentives consultant or