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Silverlode Launches New Website and Look

Silverlode Launches New Website and Look

Sep 18, 2013

We're experts at site selection. But this year it became time for website selection. As in, we needed a new one. On our old website, edges of landing pages were fraying and some of the tabs were rusting.

Then we figured, why stop there? Let's throw in a new logo too. Our old logo was a bit confusing anyway – it was a miner's hat emitting a light beam, but some people thought it was a lighthouse. One person thought it was R2D2 getting an ear exam.

We got tired of explaining ourselves. So we're thrilled to introduce our new site and new look. We hope you will spend some time trolling through the pages of our new site and reading some of the client success stories.

As for the new logo, its interlocking shapes resemble the dimensionality of our expertise, and overall it represents both a structure and a plot of land. That feels about right, because we do have so many ways to help the daily process and operation within the walls of your enterprise – at your current location or a new one we'll help you procure.

Most importantly, no one can mistake it for a billy goat or an alien weapon or anything like that.

Let us know what you think!