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Silverlode Celebrates 15 Years!

Silverlode Celebrates 15 Years!

Dec 14, 2017

At the 1939 World's Fair in New York, there was an exhibit depicting the city of the future, where buildings rose a quarter mile into the sky, and you had speed limit choices of 50, 75 or 100 miles per hour, on four levels of seven-lane highways.

They weren't that far off, right?

At Silverlode we also make predictions about cities and locations. One of our core competencies is helping companies pick the best places for their expansions or relocations, so we have to know a lot about the workforce, infrastructure, real estate, taxes, incentives, and countless other factors in countries, states, regions and cities around the world. We also must have a good idea about what the future looks like for all of these places. Such expertise is the only way we can help companies make informed, data-driven location decisions that will support their bottom line for years to come.

We’re not half bad at this, as we're celebrating our 15th year in business. But back when we began in 2002, as we sat upon our (upside-down bucket) chairs at our (card table) desks, the prospect of Silverlode still going strong in 2017 would probably have seemed a bit unlikely -- because we were at least vaguely aware that only about a third of all businesses last ten years.

Yet we were determined. Even before buying normal, respectable-looking furniture, we bought a foosball table, because in those days that seemed to be the secret to entrepreneurial success.

One thing that has served us and our clients well is that we have always known our business was about more than just financials and profits. It's about knowing where and how people will thrive. Again and again we've seen how working from this premise brings success.

In fact, in 1958, Grady Clay, the late expert on landscape architecture and urban planning, said "The human experience is the most important ingredient of the successful City of Tomorrow." This idea precisely mirrors what we've observed over the years at Silverlode.

For every one of our projects, in addition to all the quantitative factors, we're devoting just as much thought to which state, city, and even which specific building or site will best suit a company's growth and their particular corporate culture.

Another secret to our success is to list bullet points summarizing our accomplishments, like this:

  • We have completed more than 300 site selection/expansion projects in 38 states/provinces.
  • Our projects represent over $10 billion of capital investment and nearly 40,000 jobs.
  • We have helped our private and public-sector clients to structure public private partnerships worth more than $1.2 billion.
  • We have worked with companies ranging from Fortune 5 to new start-ups.
  • We have helped quantify the economic and fiscal impacts of everything from the finest health systems in the country, to massive infrastructure projects, to major new manufacturing facilities, to the impacts of elk breeding in Idaho. Seriously.
  • We have helped cities, regions, and states attract and retain investment and employers from around the world.

To our families, friends, employees and clients, we want to express our deepest gratitude for helping Silverlode achieve 15 years of success.