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One Day Window to Access $30 Million for Ohio Training Funds

One Day Window to Access $30 Million for Ohio Training Funds

Sep 03, 2014

***UPDATE 9/17/14***Application has been released. Please call us as soon as possible to file an application. This opportunity is time sensitive.

Ohio is expected to announce a new round of training grants for up to $250,000 per legal entity.

During the first-half of September, we expect the State of Ohio to announce an additional round of training grant funding through the Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program.

The program can:

  • Reimburse companies for $250,000 per legal entity
  • Fund $4,000 per employee
  • Offset 50% of the cost of employee training programs

This is a highly competitive program and funds will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. Once the State begins accepting applications, the funding is likely to be completely awarded within the same business day.

Silverlode has a great deal of experience with this program and has had a high rate of success in securing these and other funds for our clients.

When the State opens the program, there will be a short window of time before applications are due.

Contact Sarah Risher to discuss an application for your company as soon as possible.