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Are you eligible for Ohio Training funds?

Are you eligible for Ohio Training funds?

Sep 08, 2014

Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program (IWTVP)


The IWTVP program is a State of Ohio grant program to assist Ohio employers in certain targeted industries to upgrade the skills of their existing workforce.


For-profit companies in eligible industries that have at least one Ohio facility that has been in continuous operation for the prior 12 months are eligible for the program. The eligible industries are still being determined by the State, but are likely to include manufacturing, logistics, information technology, finance, insurance, research & development, corporate headquarters, or office. Ineligible industries are likely to include retail, restaurant, entertainment, hospitality, wholesale trade, non-professional services (e.g. landscaping, HVAC, auto repair, construction)

Potential Value:

The grant offsets 50% of the cost of eligible training activities, but is limited to $4,000 per trained employee or $250,000 per legal entity.

Eligible Training:

Eligible training will be technical in nature, will relate to the employee’s current position or future advancement within the company, and must be required by the company. Eligible training activities are expected to include, but not be limited to:

  • HR Certification (i.e, PHR, SPHR, GPHR or SHRM) for HR staff. Individual human resource training that is provided to all employees is ineligible (i.e., diversity, ethics, sexual harassment, employee compensation and benefits, FMLA, drug testing, workplace violence, etc.).
  • ICD-10 Training – Training that teaches coding professionals how to become proficient in the ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS coding system is eligible for this program. Eligible trainees include anyone within the company that is required to enter medical codes regardless if the applicant business is for-profit or not. Assessments and refresher courses such as anatomy, physiology, etc. are not eligible for this program.
  • Training for improved process efficiency, quality, etc. (e.g. ISO-9000, Six Sigma or Lean Manufacturing).
  • Training from a national, regional or state trade association that offers an independently certified training curriculum and testing.
  • Training that leads to an industry recognized certificate/credential.
  • Training provided in conjunction with the purchase of a new piece of equipment.
  • Training that leads to occupational license.
  • Training to maintain an industry recognized credential.
  • Tuition Reimbursement when the course meets the needs of the applicant company. For example, the course must be required by the company and be job-related, regardless of the requirement for a degree. Tuition courses which are for the sole purpose of obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree are not eligible for this program;
  • Seminars/Workshops/Webinars are eligible but must have a test or exam tied to it in order for it to be eligible for this program; and
  • Upgrade of computer skills (e.g. Excel, Access).
  • Wages of company trainers while training or preparing to train other employees.

Ineligible training activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Conference fees.
  • General Equivalency Diploma (GED).
  • Laws, Regulations, and Taxes – Training related to compliance regulations, federal/state taxation laws, international laws, US labor laws, etc.
  • On-Line Resource Libraries or any other resource in which an individual can choose from a number of courses over a period of time.
  • Safety Training – Mandated or regulatory safety training is not eligible. Mandated or regulatory safety training includes but is not limited to blood borne pathogens, control of hazardous materials, lockout/tagout, emergency action plan, emergency response, hazard communications, hearing conservation, safe electrical workplace, all OSHA, and stand-alone safety (including first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), emergency medical technician (EMT), etc.).
  • Soft Skills
  • Required/Regulatory Training – Training that is required by any other public agency or department is not eligible. These trainings may include but are not limited to EPA, Hazardous Waste, FDA, Workers Comp, OSHA, etc.
  • Training that is already being reimbursed by another State or Federal training program (e.g. Ohio Workforce Guarantee, National Emergency Grant, etc.).
  • Training to maintain occupational license.
  • Training that leads to professional license (i.e., doctors, lawyers, etc.)
  • Training to maintain a professional license.
  • Travel costs.
  • CDL training and testing (other truck-related training may be eligible)
  • Wages of trainees while being trained.

Timeframe for Reimbursement of Training Expenses:

Eligible training expenses incurred between August 1, 2014 and December 31, 2015 are expected to be reimbursable.

Application Process:

We expect the State to open the application process on or about September 15, 2014. Among other things, applicants will be asked to outline a training program that identifies the number of employees to be trained and the types of training activities to be undertaken by the Company. We expect the State to begin accepting completed applications on or about September 30, 2014. These dates are subject to change as there have been program delays in prior rounds.

For More Information:

Silverlode Consulting will provide a no-cost, no-obligation assessment of the program for your company. Please contact Sarah Risher at (216) 263-9000 or Silverlode has helped many companies to efficiently secure IWTVP grants in each of the prior rounds. Our experience will help you to efficiently evaluate the potential, reserve funding, and draw-down program funds.