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Reminder to pre-certify Colorado Enterprise Zone locations yearly

Reminder to pre-certify Colorado Enterprise Zone locations yearly

Mar 15, 2022 by Julie Dietz

The Colorado Enterprise Zone Program is a valuable tax credit opportunity for businesses located in one of 19 designated areas of Colorado. Companies in any industry can qualify for this tax credit opportunity. Enterprise Zone businesses can participate in several Colorado Income Tax Credit programs including the Investment Tax Credit, Business Facility New Employee Credit, and Job Training Investment Tax Credit.

Businesses must complete annual pre-certification and final certification requirements to claim these credits. Once pre-certified, a business generates credit by purchasing qualified fixed assets, hiring net new employees, and training current employees. Businesses do not have to generate any credit to participate.

Silverlode has an efficient process of filing all pre-certifications and final certifications annually for our clients. If your company is interested in learning more about the Colorado Enterprise Zone Tax Credit program or if you want to know if your business location is in an Enterprise zone, please contact Julie Dietz.