Fortune 500 Natural Resources Company

A grassy field.

Silverlode helped a Fortune 500 natural resources company find a location and secure incentives for a new biomass manufacturing facility. The initial search area included over 100 counties in five states along the Ohio River Valley. Silverlode created a short list of potential sites, then used GIS mapping and analysis to compare sites and determine those that warranted visits. Silverlode's location analysis included an in-depth examination of barge transportation and a 20-year NPV operational cost analysis. Silverlode conducted a thorough analysis of incentives and financial alternatives for the final locations.

The client also needed a new global R&D center of excellence and was willing to build anywhere in the world. Silverlode gathered and analyzed location data from more than 175 cities in over 40 countries. Though dealing with tremendous variation in data from one country to another, Silverlode provided commensurate comparisons and narrowed the list to 25 potential locations on three continents. Using a proprietary weighted location factor analysis, Silverlode developed a ranked short list of four optimal cities.